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Thoughts About Thoughts

It has been ages since I last posted. Please forgive my negligence. I am smack in the middle of what may be my toughest year of school yet. I will return in the spring, once I have regained control of
my thoughts.

For now, please enjoy my favorite bits of advise, from some really smart people, about the relationship between thoughts and writing.

Exact Thought = Precise Sentence:

“When once a thing conceived is in the wit,
The words present themselves to utter it.” -Horace

“It is not my words I polish, but my ideas.” -Joubert

“When things once are in the mind, the words offer themselves readily.” -Seneca

“Until you can put you theme in one sentence, you haven’t it in hand well enough to write
a novel.” -John Steinbeck

“Most men think indistinctly, and therefore speak without exactness.” -Samuel Johnson

“To improve one’s writing is to improve one’s thoughts–nothing else!” -Nietsche

“The great thing is we can always work on our writing, because we can work on our thoughts all the time, even when we’re not actually writing.” -John Schwiebert (my professor)

“Close your eyes and you will see.” -Joubert

“[There’s a way in which our senses can actually close us off to a deeper reality.] There is nothing more evident than that which cannot be seen by the eyes, and nothing more palpable than that which cannot be perceived by the senses. Wherefore the moral man watches diligently over his secret thoughts.” -Tseze (Chinese philosopher)