In response to the ever-increasing need to clearly spell out responsibilities, influences, and motivations, I’ve put together the following disclosure policies applicable to the conditions specified in the section heading. Most of these policies pertain specifically to book reviewing, however the statements in the section titled, General Responsibility I Accept, pertain to all posts on Barding Well.

Unconditional Influences
I (Lyn Bardwell) acknowledge that in reading and reviewing my opinions may have been shaped by any number of influences–probably most of which I am unconscious–in my collective environment and not the content of the book alone. But that’s probably why you would read my review anyway: to hear my take on the book, which was shaped by my unique circumstances.

General Responsibility I Accept
I am not into editing other people’s statements. Quite frankly I’m thrilled anytime someone chooses to spend his/her free minutes commenting on my site. But I will only accept responsibility for the content I add, not the silly remarks others sometimes make (which will be identified with the name of the remark-er).

No Compensation
I did/will not receive money or compensation of any kind for my review of this book. I read and reviewed this book purely because of my interest as a consumer. If I liked or disliked this book enough to be motivated to write about it, I tell you about it in the same vain a pushy mother would tell you. That’s way different than the way a pushy salesman would tell you.

Book Was An ARC
I received this book as an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy; usually a gift from the author or publisher). ARCs are sometimes considered to be a form of compensation for a book-review. However, I make a conscious effort not to let the gift of the book influence my opinions of the content.

Click-Thru Compensation
I receive payment for “click-thrus” on advertisements, which link to the vendor site where this book can be purchased. All advertising on this blog is in the form of advertisements generated by the vendor and will be identified as paid advertisements. No advertisements, beyond my own honest opinions, shall ever be included in my writing.

Other Comp
I received payment for my review of this book (Payer identified in the post). However I make a conscious effort to not allow my compensation to influence my opinions. My review reflects my honest feelings and impressions about this book. I’m extremely concerned about protecting my integrity as a writer. I’m not afraid to bite the hand that feeds me to do that.

Solo Review
This book-review reflects my opinions only. I am solely responsible for the statements and opinions contained in this review.

Multiple Reviewers
This post is a collaborative book-review. Several people (identified in the post) participated in the read/review process, and my opinions may have been shaped by the opinions of the other participants.

Special Interest
I have a special interest in the success of this book (identified in the post). And while my opinions may have been softened or enhanced due to my personal interest, I believe they still reflect my honest feelings about this book.

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