Site Goal

I intend to fill this blog with magazine and newspaper-style articles I’ve writen, before and after projects I’ve edited, tips and tricks for writing and editing, and my book reviews. I’d love to hear your opinions on all of the above.

I’d especially love to hear from you about my writing. I post my projects here on BardingWell with the hope that you will leave me a comment with critical advice. Love it, hate it, please let me know. A line or two (or five or ten) about why you love it or hate it would also be much appreciated.

Thanks for spending your time helping me to advance as a writer.

I (Lyn Bardwell) acknowledge that in reading and reviewing my opinions may have been shaped by any number of influences–probably most of which I am unconscious–in my collective environment and not the content of the book alone. But that’s probably why you would read my review anyway: to hear my take on the book, which was shaped by my unique circumstances.

One more. I am not into editing other people’s statements. Quite frankly I’m thrilled anytime someone chooses to spend his/her free-minutes commenting on my site. But I will only accept responsibility for the content I add, not the silly remarks others sometimes make (which will be identified with the name of the remark-er).

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for the comment. I have been having a quick nosy around and I have to say that I like the way you have things set up here. I am using the Mystique theme at the moment but this one is particularly nice.

    The reason I am adding comment to this page is because I really admire the way you approached this page. I have been thinking about how to broach the subject of asking people to read and comment on some of my stuff but I kept thinking it was so uncool.

    Your approach here was just perfect and I hope that you won’t be upset if I use some of the ideas here. If you do let me know as I am going to click the notify me of follow up… etc

    In the meantime I will continue on flicking through your articles.


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