Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Your Story

Fellow bloggers agree: blogging about writing is great. We put into words of all the ideas that rattle around in our heads and meet and learn from successful people in the writing profession, all while practicing the craft. But as valuable as this experience is now, in a 100 years when things have changed dramatically, there will probably be little value to the things we are discussing here.

On the other hand, any kind of a record of everyday life, however mundane it may seam, may prove invaluable to posterity and future historians. So while you’re feverishly working away at your profession, don’t forget to leave a little something about yourself behind.

Three ways to keep a journal:

  • The time-honored tradition of pen and paper. For some, this is the ideal way to compose anything, and certainly the portability and convenience cannot be beat by even the smallest of laptops. A planner, a palm, or even your slightly-used pizza napkin will do in a pinch.
  • Blog. There are tons of user-friendly, free services out there now. (,, These services, especially Blogger, are great for allowing you to insert pictures, videos, and all kinds of stuff. Plus your mom and those that love you will love having access to you. Of course these services also allow you to control who can view your blog.
  • If you need writing prompts than you might try This service was started with members of the LDS faith in mind (journaling and record-keeping are a big deal to them). No worries though, this service could be beneficial for anyone, and an LDS membership isn’t required.

    This site offers a question of the day to get you going, and they also have a great “all about me” section with questions about your childhood, education, vacations, and other personal history prompts.

    The down-side (or maybe the upside, depending on your view) is that security is tight, and casual, viewing-only access is not allowed. Also I have yet to figure out how to include photos and videos.

However you do it… do it! Get going and earn your immortality today.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sharla on December 10, 2009 at 12:51 am

    Great post! I’m so bad at journaling. I end up using it more as a venting tool than as a way to record events and things. I’ll have to check out those writing prompts. Have you seen the sites that will turn your blog posts into a book? Seems like that might be a great option too.


  2. I think venting is a fantastic reason to journal. Better to vent to your journal than bottle those feelings up!

    I love the book idea too, and actually has that option available. I don’t know that I will ever do that though. I put my most personal feelings there, so I’m not sure I actually want to print it out and have it out in the open where someone could happen upon it.


  3. Thanks for posting about LDSJournal! Every now and then I Google “” just to see what people are saying about us and just in case someone has questions. Just in case you haven’t figured out how to add photos, watch this short YouTube tutorial:

    Journal on.


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