Charles Dickens’ the Life of Our Lord

1I’ve heard that critics hated this book, and I’m not at all surprised. This book should not be stacked up against Dickens’ other works of art. It was clearly never meant to be a great literary masterpiece, and you can’t expect many critics to get that. This is simply a father explaining the life of Christ to his children, in his own words, using his own interpretations.

That is precisely why I loved it so much. The scriptures can be daunting to wade through, but this book puts the New Testament in much simpler terms. I felt like a child he’d gathered in his arms and placed on his knee to talk to. I wish this would have been around when I was a kid to bridge that gap between Sally, Dick, & Jane and the gospel cannon. I absolutely intend to give this to my kids (when they’re about 8 or so) to help them begin to foster a love for scripture stories.


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  1. Posted by Matt on October 17, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    Very nice review. I think I could wrap my mind around this one. I think, if nothing else, it would be a very interesting to read Dickens in a different light.


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